Halloween 2018 by Joel Heires

Another year, another batch of Halloween portraits! It’s a good batch this year spread out among various subjects and styles.

The whole group is posted on the Halloween page for ease of view.

In other news, I added an Instagram feed gallery on the Illustrations page where currently you can see my other big project. I’m drawing every playable character in Smash Bros. Ultimate! Smashtober into Brovember into Releasember. It will probably be close if not over 80 drawings in total.

Happy Halloween Everyone!

MAGI PT 4: THE OFFERING by Joel Heires

The fourth image has been birthed!  As I create more images in this set, I'm amazed how much more particular my choices have become. The characters have taken on more personality and their dynamics are clearer in my mind.  

This image marks the middle of the series, and acts as a point of no return both in terms of the paintings and in terms of my commitment to complete it.  


Magi Pt 3 The First Ritual: Incense by Joel Heires

Excited to show off part 3 of the Magi series.

This might be, in my opinion, the best thing I have ever done.  As you will see from the progress gallery below it took a dramatic turn in the last few days that really put it over the top. Very excited to see where this project goes! Now with it's musical accompaniment via Christian Kriegeskotte!

The Magi by Joel Heires

Here is my newest full piece.  Inspired by a frustrated doodle and further motivated by the interest of a close collaborative friend.  The MAGI. The first of a set of themed images.  

My good friend Christian Kriegeskotte was inspired to create an original musical composition from the initial sketch. You can take a listen here. Best experienced while looking at the image!

Here is a small gallery showing the progression. 

Halloween 2016 by Joel Heires

Quick but tremendous update. Every Year I make Halloween Portraits for friends and this year for anyone willing to pay. Still running out of money, but the surprising amount of support that I received will help a lot and I even managed to rope in a few strangers. Enjoy! 

Quick Turn Around by Joel Heires

So here is the next of my random subject/style project. Super Heroes and Renaissance Paintings. Cribbed from the The Prophet Jeremiah portion of the Sistine Chapel I made the obvious choice. Superman and most of the DC heroes just work better in this setting. I prefer Marvel heroes in general but I can't quite see them portrayed in this light.  It's a bit rough here and there, but I'm no Michelangelo.