Faux Finishes / by Joel Heires

"It is here that I stake a claim on my destiny. It is here that I proudly scream into the void of the web for the world to see and hear . . . or ignore.  " -me earlier tonight

Welcome to Faux Epic. This is the third iteration on a personal portfolio website, though I hope this will become much more.  

Faux Epic is a term I came up with for a lot of the media and art I was consuming in the early 2000's. Its defining feature, I would posit, is the extremes of epic storytelling with most  of the legitimately appropriate settings, characters and plot replaced with silly or ridiculous stand ins. As my generation's nostalgia seemingly became our defining feature, I wondered if the appeal of such media wasn't simply me craving the things I loved as a child coupled with the realization that so many of my memory treasures were foolish and simple.   My intellectual side fighting with my inner child, resulting in an equilibrium of the two.  I love silly things, but I also love complex and methodical things. This is the balance I strive for, whimsy coupled with responsibility.  It has been a journey and one that is not anywhere near over.

For anyone who's made it this far enjoy.

-Joel Heires