Halloween 2016 by Joel Heires

Quick but tremendous update. Every Year I make Halloween Portraits for friends and this year for anyone willing to pay. Still running out of money, but the surprising amount of support that I received will help a lot and I even managed to rope in a few strangers. Enjoy! 

Quick Turn Around by Joel Heires

So here is the next of my random subject/style project. Super Heroes and Renaissance Paintings. Cribbed from the The Prophet Jeremiah portion of the Sistine Chapel I made the obvious choice. Superman and most of the DC heroes just work better in this setting. I prefer Marvel heroes in general but I can't quite see them portrayed in this light.  It's a bit rough here and there, but I'm no Michelangelo. 


It's been way too long since I blogged. by Joel Heires

Not that anyone reads these I would imagine, but maybe if I amount to something people can look back on the early days of making it Big! I would take making it small right now.  Plenty of work updated including the first round of my awesome new challenge. #randomsubjectstyle The first selection was Mexican Food and Propaganda. Take a Propagander at it ;) .   In addition I completed a building study and a Poster image for Mary Poppins. I'm in Austin Tx now and running out of money fast. :) Its been over 2 years of doing my own thing and I regret almost nothing.

Thanksgiving: J.C. Leyendecker Style by Joel Heires

I know Leyendecker has a bit more of a following now, but it still seems small given how incredible his images are.  I dove into this one and spent over 4 weeks working on it, and there is still so much to learn from this image alone. This is a digital painting but I tried to follow a traditional media structure as much as I could.  

Halloween Epic 2015 by Joel Heires

Another Halloween season has concluded, and with it another set of Halloween portraits.  This is always fun and always a ton of work.  People seem to enjoy it. Check all of them out in the Halloween section of the website under 2015. Thanks to everyone who participated this year.

Fauxto Copy by Joel Heires

Ugolino and His Sons by Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux


This was my study for the last 3 weeks, with enough hours spent yesterday for another 2 weeks of work. I saw this at the MET in New York, about 1 year ago, and was blown away. Art of this complexity was a huge factor in cementing my interest in the arts. It was a pleasure to pour over its every detail, and still, even after weeks, know that I have only scratched its surface.

Faux Finishes by Joel Heires

"It is here that I stake a claim on my destiny. It is here that I proudly scream into the void of the web for the world to see and hear . . . or ignore.  " -me earlier tonight

Welcome to Faux Epic. This is the third iteration on a personal portfolio website, though I hope this will become much more.  

Faux Epic is a term I came up with for a lot of the media and art I was consuming in the early 2000's. Its defining feature, I would posit, is the extremes of epic storytelling with most  of the legitimately appropriate settings, characters and plot replaced with silly or ridiculous stand ins. As my generation's nostalgia seemingly became our defining feature, I wondered if the appeal of such media wasn't simply me craving the things I loved as a child coupled with the realization that so many of my memory treasures were foolish and simple.   My intellectual side fighting with my inner child, resulting in an equilibrium of the two.  I love silly things, but I also love complex and methodical things. This is the balance I strive for, whimsy coupled with responsibility.  It has been a journey and one that is not anywhere near over.

For anyone who's made it this far enjoy.

-Joel Heires