I take the most pleasure in life while creating. I highly enjoy building, fixing, and figuring out how things work.  I enjoy creating highly crafted, thought out experiences with a team of driven individuals. I highly value craft, and enjoy the challenge of being creative despite necessary limitations in production. I am always looking to learn and grow professionally and personally, and feel fortunate that much of my professional experience has afforded me the opportunity to do so.


Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh, PA.
Bachelor of Fine Arts, 2002

Professional Experience

2014-Current: Self Employed

Illustrations, Font, and Page Layout for a Children's book, Rob3rt the Robot

Freelance Illustration


2008-2014: Artist, Raw Thrills (Arcade Games)

Galaga Assault (redemption), Jurassic Park Arcade, Super Alpine Racer,

Pacman Chompmania (redemption), Xgames SnoCrossDoodle Jump (redemption), 

Super CarsGuitar Hero Arcade, Super Bikes 2, Nicktoons Nitro 


2005-2007: Artist, Game Designer, IHSoft (Casino Gaming)

Reel Deal, Hangar Queen,

4 Seasons, Block Buster


2003-2005: Artist, Bearded Toad Entertainment (Handheld Gaming)

Kaplan ACT, Kaplan SAT, Yahtzee

Battle Ship, Trivial Pursuit: Mobile Edition


Software Proficiency

Photoshop, After Effects, Maya, 3dsMax